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Long-term water tightness is the most difficult and important technical requirement for sewage pipes.
Solving this problem is also one of the most critical technologies in the bellows market.
SAFECONNEC enhancement technology developed by Drossbach is an effective method to solve this problem.
product requirement:
Developing a socket connector that meets the economics of sewage system application and can achieve 100% sealing has become an inevitable requirement in the market. This product must meet the test results of an independent approval agency and have 100% long-term safety performance.
The German government has established relevant regulations and standards for testing of sewage pipes for construction products. For example, a test may be continued for a period of 2000 h at a test site equipped with pipes of various specifications, including various joints. The test system was completely installed, including bedding, landfill and compaction, the same as the actual situation. The test system is then filled with water and an internal pressure of 0.5 bar-2.5 bar is applied. During the entire test, a drop in internal pressure is not allowed, that is, a 100% seal must be achieved.
The most critical issue is to prevent long-term creep in the socket area. When installing these piping systems, the rubber gaskets installed on the bellows (installed in the pipe socket of the next pipe, or the socket of the joint) will be compressed after the gasket is inserted into the pipe bell mouth and the common double socket Pressure is generated during the entire life cycle.
When the pipe is installed in the trench and filled with filling material, the socket is enlarged due to the characteristics of all thermoplastics, namely long-term creep. If the socket is not reinforced, it will creep and expand, the sealing force of the sealing water (and sealing vacuum) will be greatly reduced, and the compression amount of the gasket will be reduced. When this happens, the seal to the internal pressure and the vacuum seal of the socket will be lost.
New sealing system
RosDrossbach is one of the leaders in corrugated pipe technology in the fields of sewage pipes, drainage pipes and cable protection pipes. Together with ADS, the company developed SAFECONNEC enhancement technology for socket connectors.
SAFECONNEC products have been enhanced in their socket area, which is where the gasket is located after the pipe connection. It is reinforced with a specially developed glass fiber wedge, which is welded directly to the outer surface of the socket after the production of the pipe. This technology is also used for double sockets, which are required when producing pipe systems with joints, elbows and T-joints.
Combined with a completely newly developed gasket system, Drossbach's newest sewer system meets the requirements of the DIBt-Approval approval test, which is required for all building materials in Germany, which is a long-term seal test at 2.5 bar internal pressure .
The preliminary European sewage pipe standard prEN 13476 1-3 and the current German sewage pipe standard DIN 16961 require sealed internal pressure of 0.5 bar for common applications. So GIGAPIPE can save as much as 4 times in long-term use. And, according to German and European law, these pipes can also be used in water conservation areas. When other sewage pipe systems are used in this occasion, pipe casing systems must be used, which is costly and uneconomical. Independent approval and testing agencies consider the GIGAPIPE pipe system to be one of the best of all the sewage pipe systems they have tested and approved.
的 Construction companies and official construction sites in several countries where GIGAPIPE is installed in the sewer system have also confirmed that this piping system is easy to install, low in installation costs, and pipe joints can be implemented with lightweight, inexpensive assembly tools. And this system does not need to be pushed in to connect with an excavator, but can be connected by two technicians directly in the trench. It can be said that SAFECONNEC's socket enhancement technology has created a new field of economic and long-term safety for sewage pipe installation.


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