Expansion joint


Expansion joints are also commonly called expansion joints, or bellows compensators, which are used to use bellows compensators
A compensating device that is an effective expansion and contraction deformation of an elastic element of an expansion joint to absorb dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of a pipeline, a pipe, or a container, and belongs to a compensation element. It can absorb axial, lateral, and angular displacements. It is used to absorb vibration and reduce noise in pipelines, equipment and systems due to heating displacements and mechanical displacements.
The expansion joint is a flexible structure provided on the container shell or pipeline to compensate for additional stress caused by temperature differences and mechanical vibration. Because it is a kind of elastic compensation element that can be expanded and contracted freely, it has the advantages of reliable operation, good performance and compact structure, and has been widely used in chemical, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other sectors. There are many forms of expansion joints used on containers. As far as the shape of waves is concerned, U-shaped expansion joints are the most widely used, followed by Ω and C shapes. For structural compensation, the expansion joints used on pipelines are universal, pressure balanced, hinged, and universal joints.
Elbow expansion joint
弯 Bend the tube into a U-shape or other shape (Figure 1), also known as a tension bend. Is compensated by the elastic deformation ability of the body
Bend type expansion joint An expansion joint. Its advantages are good strength, long life, and can be produced on site. The disadvantages are that it takes up a lot of space, consumes a lot of steel, and has high frictional resistance. This expansion joint is widely used in various steam pipes and long pipes.
Bellows expansion joint
Corrugated pipe expansion joint is a kind of expansion joint made of metal bellows. It can expand and contract in the direction of the axis, and also allows the expansion joint to bend slightly. Figure 2 shows a common axial bellows expansion joint used for axial length compensation on pipelines. In order to prevent the allowable compensation amount from being exceeded, protective rods or protective rings are provided at both ends of the corrugated pipe, and guide brackets are provided at the two ends of the pipeline connected to it. There are also corner and lateral expansion joints that can be used to compensate for corner and lateral deformation of the pipeline. The advantages of this type of expansion joint are space saving, material saving, convenient standardization and mass production, and the disadvantage is shorter life. Bellows expansion joints are generally used for short length pipes with low temperature and pressure. With the improvement of the production technology of bellows, the application range of such expansion joints is expanding.


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