Research on the Reliability of Compensator


The reliability of the compensator is composed of design, manufacturing, installation and operation management.
Reliability should also be considered from these aspects. Material selection For the selection of corrugated pipes used in heating pipe networks, in addition to the working medium, working temperature and external environment, the possibility of stress corrosion, the influence of water treatment agents and pipe cleaning agents on materials, Based on this, combining the welding, forming of the bellows material and the performance-price ratio of the material, an economical and practical bellows production material is preferred.
In general, the materials selected for bellows should meet the following conditions:
(1) High elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength to ensure the normal operation of the bellows.
2 (2) Good plasticity, which is convenient for processing and forming of the corrugated pipe, and can obtain sufficient hardness and strength through subsequent processing processes (cold work hardening, heat treatment, etc.).
(3) Good corrosion resistance, meeting the requirements of bellows working in different environments.
(4) Good welding performance, meeting the welding process requirements of the corrugated pipe in the manufacturing process.
For the thermal pipe network laid in the trench, when the compensator is located on a low-lying pipeline, rainwater or accidental sewage will soak the corrugated pipe. Materials with stronger corrosion resistance, such as iron-nickel alloys and high-nickel alloys, should be considered. Due to the high price of such materials, when manufacturing bellows, you can consider adding a layer of corrosion-resistant alloy only on the surface in contact with the corrosive medium. Fatigue life design According to the failure type and cause analysis of the corrugated tube compensator, it can be seen that the planar stability, circumferential stability and corrosion resistance of the corrugated tube are related to its displacement, which is the fatigue life. Too low fatigue life will cause the stability and corrosion resistance of the metal bellows to decrease.


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