Fire protection is not trivial, the responsibility is heavy


-- holding lectures on fire safety knowledge
In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees and effectively improve the ability to deal with emergencies such as fire, on March 2, 2018, our school invited zhang ye, a teacher of Juan fire prevention in taizhou city, to conduct a fire safety knowledge training for all employees.
This lecture, zhang faculty by referencing a large number of real case in actual life and specific Numbers tell us that results in accidents due to lack of fire safety knowledge, and through theoretical interpretation and a typical case analysis of a combination of, especially from the home, driving, such as details of daily life, daily inspection, the fire fire emergency and prevention, the basic knowledge of evacuation escape, fire fighting equipment problems such as how to use a simple explanation. For all the staff on a unique fire safety common sense lesson.
Through this training lecture, we see that the lessons of safety accidents are profound, the cost is heavy. Life cannot come back, safety cannot wait. "Devil, was destroyed in the nest," we are the small, the fire of knowledge learning, to make us deeply recognize the importance of fire, the fire consciousness, and further set up the nip in the bud more learned some self-help method, master the correct way of using the fire equipment, the importance of fire safety have a more profound understanding.
All staff actively participate in the meeting, strictly sign in
The instructor made a physical presentation
All staff participate actively, the atmosphere is harmonious
Close interaction between teachers and staff


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