Jiangsu  WUXING CORRUGATED PIPE Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. It is a professional manufacturer of metal/non-metal compensators, rotary compensators, sleeve compensators, corrugated metal hoses, dampers, spring supports and hangers, and is also a major manufacturer of various pipe fittings. supplier. Located in Dongdaemun Industrial Zone, Jiangyan District, with convenient transportation, it is a new type of enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It is engaged in research and development and production of "Jiangsu Five Stars" brand patented product series-series rotary compensator. It is also the production series of sleeve compensator and spherical compensator, one-way hinge type corrugated compensator, straight pipe bypass corrugated compensator, unconstrained corrugated compensator metal, corrugated pipe expansion joint, non-metallic flexible expansion joint, corrugated metal hose, damper, crane pipe, heat exchanger, spring support and hanger, rolling bracket manufacturer.

1995 Year

Company Creation

15009 Ten thousand yuan

Registered capital

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five-star bellows

Enterprise culture

Enterprise values: people-oriented, customer service, enhance value

Enterprise purpose

Quality-oriented, customer first

spirit of enterprise

Unity and hard work, hard work, science and technology industry, casting brand

Management policy

Scientific management, honest management, continuous innovation and harmonious development

Enterprise Objectives

People-oriented, take the factory as home, take honesty as letter, win by excellence

Honor qualification


business license
Member registration certificate
Hydraulic buffer box for hydraulic system
Fine polishing device for corrugated compensator sphere
Hard plating device for corrugated compensator sphere


Address: Chengdong Development Zone, Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province

five-star bellows

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